Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Project #6 C4K - Summary for October


The first student I was assigned to for October was Marcellus. I had already commented on his most recent post, so I went back one farther to one I had not commented on. This post was Making My Mark. In this post he said he would make his mark by volunteering at a homeless shelter and by also volunteering at one.

A picture of a homeless shelter.
Link to photo source: Savemarinwood.org

After I introduced myself, my comment on his blog was the following:
"Volunteering with the homeless is a great endeavor. Far too often they are a group of people who are forgotten if it is not a holiday. We have to remember that they are somebody's family: somebody's baby, parent, sibling, they mean something to somebody."

Brody does sports

The second student blog I posted on this month is "Brody does sports." The post I commented on was No Shout Out. In this he talks about the cure for aging. He says he would want to find one. He goes on to explain why. He could see his dad young, he could stay young, and he could make a lot of money off of the cure. He poses the question if the reader would like to live forever. He follows this up with he could see many generations of life and since he would have all the time in the world, he could spend all his time on inventing.

a picture of the same person at three different stages of life
Link to photo source: curepages

After I introduced myself, my comment on her blog was the following:
"I do not think I would want to find the cure to aging. For one thing, the world would get over populated because everyone would still want children. For another, there would be no rest, if there was no aging there would be no retirement and everyone would work forever. Finally, if you know aging is not waiting around the corner, then you will not live like you have a limited amount of time, so you would not live with a purpose."


The third student blog I was assigned to for this month was Kieran. This blog the student tells a story about a wedding. The student describes the cat and the dog that are there and what they were doing. It is also mentioned that it was nice and the student would have liked to be there.

a bride and groom walking away
Link to photo source: ULC

After I introduced myself, my comment on this student's blog was the following:
I like the mention of animals in this wedding. To most people their animals are part of the family  and to include them in the joining of two families just seems natural.


The final student blog I was assigned to for the month of October was Taiaha. The blog post I commented on was My Holiday. In this post he mentioned how he and his cousin were playing a video game, "Black Ops 2," together. He also went swimming with his family at a pool. When he went down the slide he accidentally ran into his cousin. After they had gotten very cold, they got out and went shopping. While shopping he got some new shoes. To finish up his day he watched a movie.

the word vacation
Link to photo source: Goodbye Crutches

After  I introduced myself, my comment on his blog was the following:
"It sounds like you had a wonderful time. It is nice to spend a day relaxing and enjoying yourself with your family. Whenever I get to have a nice break with my family, it is always a welcomed treat."

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