Saturday, October 11, 2014

Project #4 C4T - #2 Commenting on Shireen Dadmehr's Blog: "Math Teacher Mambo"

For my second part of  Project 4 C4T, I was assigned to Shireen Dadmehr's Blog Math Teacher Mambo.

The first post I commented on was Learning is Hard. In this she discusses how the students in a Digital Electronics class are practicing soldering. She mentioned how they watched a video, had a safety discussion, gave a few tips, and then had them jump right into the project.

Shireen Dadmehr's example of soldering

My comment on her post was the following.
"I like how you had had the discussion with the students about safety and tips, but when it came to doing the project it was all on them. With many things, having to figure it out on your own is a great way to get something to stay with you for longer."

The second post I commented on was Trig Identity Match Up Activity. In this she described an activity she did with her students. She had several different problems cut up and handed them out to her students and told them to match up a sequential pair, then a triplet, and eventually the who problem was worked out and matched up with the other steps of the problem.

a congolmeration of different trigonometry words and symbols
Link to photo source: Wikispaces-Trigonometry

My comment on her post was the following.
"I really like this idea, especially having them figuring out for themselves that they had all the steps to the problems in front of them from the start. I feel this is a great way to get the students to work with each other and to recognize the different parts of the process of figuring out this type of problem."

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