Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Post #7 - How do we all become learners?

I have not had much exposure to project based learning in my schooling so far. That will definitely be a weakness for me. However a great strength and resource I do have is my family. My mother is a teacher and she is very willing to help me come up with ideas of things to do in addition to letting me steal ideas from her. My sister is about to graduate with her degree in graphic design where most of her work falls under project based learning. Her college career so far has given her experiences as a student in a project based learning situation that make her resourceful in getting a different perspective on it.

In the video"How to make an audio QR code"she describes the process to creating an audio QR code. The first step to take is to go to the site "" Once you are ready to record, hit the record button and wait until the counter rolls over to 1 second. Once you have made your recoding, you can listen to it and either start over and repeat the previous steps or save it. After that you will need to copy the url code given by the website and take it to "" Paste the url code into into url code area on the website. This will make the QR code. From there just copy and paste the QR code into Word and print it.

a q r code with the words how to maje a q r code
Link to photo source: Babble

In the video iPad Reading Center Ms. Puck shows the example of her students reading to themsevles via recording. She had the student record themselves as they read it the first time and then they play the recording while reading along with the recording of themselves. This could definitely be a useful tool with reading. It shows the student exactly how they performed in reading. This is very precise and exact with the students because they cannot convince themselves of a different reading level than exactly where they are because they can show how they read out-loud.

children using an iPad
Link to photo source: Securedge Networks

In Tammie Shirley Discovery Education Tammie Shirley and her student, Karley show how to used board builder. First, sign into Board Builder,  then choose background, give it a title, click continue, add,  and then create a board. From there, you will add a headline, facts about the moon, and an image or video. You can search discovery education to find video for board builder. Type in what it  is you are wanting to search for into search. Your quick list will show all videos saved, from there you can drag from quick list. 

In  Using iMovie and AVL I like when Ms. Davis mentions that AVL teaches students basic research.

Also,  I feel some of my classmates might be more willing to participate in their classwork a little more if they felt it were more appreciated. I know I cannot be the only one who feels at least a tiny bit insulted when we are laughed at on a weekly basis in the videos we have to watch for our blogs. We did not have access to iMovie and other software in kindergarten, we are just as new users of it as they are. When a project is finished and we step back and think we did a good job just to be laughed at and have it called kindergarten work the next week, it is easy to get a little disheartened.
It has not stopped me from doing my assignments, but it does make me feel like a fool for ever being proud of what I am making in this class when it gets laughed at (especially when it is laughed at on Youtube where everyone in the world can see it).


  1. "From there just cope and paste the QR code into Word and print it." Just cope? I think you mean copy.

    Where are your comments on the rest of the videos? Four minutes before midnight and you failed to do half the assignment. You need to work on time management!

    I know of no one who is laughing at your work! I am concerned, however, that you think that is happening. The entire point of one of the movies you apparently did not watch is that we are ALL learners. ALL of us!

  2. The assignment was to respond to say what we learned from the videos we watched. Most of them were the same thing over and over so I said what I learned from the ones I felt I learned from. As far as your "we are all learners" video, I had nothing positive to say about it and felt I should take a Thumper mindset. If I can't say anything nice then I will not say anything at all.

    About my assignment being posted four minutes before midnight, my computer crashed and that was when I was able to get a hold of another computer to post it. I work hard in what I do and my time management has to be flexible due to the fact that I am a single mother of a young child, my time is dictated by him. I have to do my assignments when I have the chance. All of them have met your deadlines (before you had to extend any of them).