Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Project #6 C4K - Summary for September


The first student blog I was assigned to comment on was Asena. The particular post I commented on was "Netball Prize Giving." In this she spoke on her experience at a netball awarding event. She told about the dinner they ate,  the chants they sang, and the awards that were received. All the players on the teams received certificates, but there were also three special awards that were given. The special awards were most valuable player, most improved player, and best sportsmanship. It sounded like she had a lot of fun playing on this team with her friends.

A few players playing netball

Above: A few players playing netball.
Link to photo source: SPAR website

After telling her a little about myself, my comment on her post was the following.
"I enjoyed reading your blog, and I even learned something. I had never heard of netball before. After looking it up I learned that netball seems to be similar to basketball. I have never played either of those sports, but I have played many other sports. For the most part, sports have never been one of my talented areas. I have usually received special  awards, though. Even though I was terrible at the game, it never stopped me from trying (something my coaches always appreciated).
It sounds like you had a lot of fun playing on a team with your friends and I hope you continue to do fun activities like that."


My second student blog that I was assigned to was the blog of Marcellus. The blog post I commented on was Life Without Jordans. In this he tells about how sad he would be if he did  not have Jordans. He continues to explain that he would have to wear different shoes and would be mocked by his friends for wear the different shoes. He also used a word that I have never heard before. It was "champest;" when I tried to look it up on Google and Urban Dictionary, neither had heard of the word either.

four different jordans

Above: Four different Jordans.
Link to photo source: Nate Robinson's ESPN Jordan Photos

After telling her a little about myself, my comment on his post was the following.
"I do not feel like I can completely relate to your level of devastation to life without Jordans. Most of my shoes are just simple shoes from either Wal-mart or Payless. I do usually buy very nice tennis shoes, though.  However, that is just for running purposes because I am baby when it comes to my feet hurting."

Mitchell M

The third student I was assigned to for September is Mitchell. The blog I commented on was Hard work. In this he had to answer whether he thought hard work or talent was more important. He said hard work because hard work builds character and self-esteem.

Source: Tumblr- French Fitties

Link to photo source: Tumblr - French Fitties

After telling him a little about myself, my comment on his post was the following.
"I agree that hard work is more important. People who are naturally talented can get big headed about their talent. Those who have to work for it understand the process of gaining skill and tend to be more humble about it."

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