Saturday, September 27, 2014

Blog Post #6 - What do you learn from conversations with Anthony Capps?

In the first video, Project Based Learning Part 1I liked how Mr. Capps said that through project based learning, students are able to "own their own learning." The way he sets up his lesson, the students will learn what is meant for them to learn because of the way he sets up the assignment. According to him they will need to know the content they are supposed to know in order to complete that project.
Mr. Capps  mentions in Project Based Learning Part 2 that student choice is a major aspect of project based learning. Choosing gives them ownership and pride in what they are doing.

icurio logo
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In another video, iCurio: Conversations with Anthony, iCurio was discussed.
According to Anthony Capps, this software allows students to search websites that have been pulled and filtered for educational purposes. It also allows for storage. This virtual organization is important in today's world. Through this software, the students can learn this skill. It saves information to where you can leave and come back and start back where you were working when you left. In the discussion of Discovery Education in Discovery Education: Anthony, I liked Mr. Capps comment of it, "brings experts into the classroom via video." That can be very resourceful in a classroom for the questions the students have that the teacher cannot answer.

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Much of the information in the later videos just seemed like it should be common knowledge to people who want to be educators. I am not sure if that is just because my mother is a teacher so I have grown up around her and her teacher friends hearing their processes and experiences, none of that was any surprise or anything new for me to hear.

I do have to admit that towards the end of the vidoes I had to restrain myself. The question was not "what are your thoughts about these conversations," but rather "what did you learn." I still find myself not agreeing 100% with what is said through EDM 310, but I find a good deal of this resourceful. I do think I will use much of this in a future classroom, but that does not mean I have to agree completely with some of the things said.


  1. I like how you set this up with a picture for each thing that was talked about. I found him helpful when learning about all the different things he uses to teach. I even learned about programs I had never heard about. I also like how you mention things that was mention, showing you watched the videos.