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Project #15 - Search Engines

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a search engine is "a computer program that is used to look for information on the Internet." For this dictionary's full description of "search engine," follow this link. There are many different kinds of search engines with specific purposes. Here are eight in alphabetical order.
This is a search engine for jobs. It is specific to technology professionals. There is an area where employers can search for potential employees. This site brags that it is a good resource for employers because the potential employees that can be found are very talented. Also it is efficient to use this means because there are many potential employees that can be found here. Persons seeking a job can also search for jobs by company, skill/title, location, and employment type.
This seems to be a valuable resource since both employers can look for employees and employees can look for employers. logo

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This is a metasearch engine. This type of search engine that searches other search engines and databases to find information on what the user searched. Dogpile in particular uses Google, Yahoo, Yandex, and other search engines.
This site seems to be about the same a Google in usefulness once the user gets used to this particular site.

Arfie from

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With this search engine there are three main things that they brag about themselves. They claim to give real privacy because they do not track their users. The description that they give of this is to not collect or share personal information. They also claim to be able to get the user the answers desired in fewer clicks and that they have fewer ads and spam.
This site does seem to give resourceful information to the users. It does not seem to be any better than some other cites might be, but the main thing I think would be going for this site is that they claim to provide privacy with their answers. logo

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This site compares price for the user from different websites. The user searches what they wish to purchase and from there the site will direct the user to where he or she can purchase that item. This site will send the user to sites such as
If the user knows what he or she is looking for, this could possibly be a useful for him or her.

my logo

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This search engine is for genealogy and ancestry. It searches things such as census from the past to find ancestors.
It seems that in order to start making this site work effectively, the user has to know a good deal of starting information to narrow down the resources to know if Macavo is on the right family. logo

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This site is for real estate purposes. This site can help the user find a home to purchase or to rent. The search can be narrowed by a minimum and maximum price range, the number of bedrooms, and the number of bathrooms. The user simply puts in the area he or she is looking for and then narrows down the search if so desired.
This site can be very useful for someone looking for a home who does not know where he or she should start looking. It can even be valuable for a user trying to figure out the price of an area. logo

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WebMD is a medical search engine. It is an American corporation that provides medical information. This site is accredited by URAC.
This site can be a good source for users who are willing to read what is on this site. logo

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This is an answer engine and a computational engine. One of the most impressive things I found that this site can do is to answer, including showing steps, math problems. It can also provide a good comparisons between two topics and other impressive functions. It will not lead the user to another site if that is what is needed.
This is a valuable resource, but depending on what the user is searching another engine could be a better choice. logo

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