Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blog Post #1 - What about EDM 310?

1) I have not heard anything about EDM 310 from any former students of the class. I have not even heard anything from friends saying, "So-and-so from this place said this about that class." All I know about EDM 310 is that my adviser says I have to take it and according to the materials I had to read before posting this particular post, I am in for a busy semester. It does seem like from the comments from students who actually put a good foot forward and attempted in the class, it will be a busy semester well worth it.

2) I try not to have fears about classes; I feel it gives reason to not try as hard because there is already a set reason that failure might be acceptable. Failure should never be acceptable, especially for a student pursuing a career as an educator. I have my concerns, such as keeping up with the deadlines. I know, though, that with a well organized planner and a "The little engine that could" mentality, I can do well in this class.

Cover of the little engine that could by watty piper
Above: Cover of "The Little Engine that Could" by Watty Piper
Photo Source: The Little Engine that Could

3) Most of the classes I have taken so far have had a major section of the class devoted to the teacher talking, the students taking and memorizing notes, and then writing it all on a test to be forgotten shortly after. They did have a small portion of the class for "hand-on learning" where the student tried to figure it out themselves through research or projects, but for the most part they have been cla sses that will do me well on a game show. This class, from what I have read in the assigned readings and heard during the first class meeting, will be like the few classes that I have had that actually require me to put in more effort than pure memorization and lots of bookwork.

4) I think the most difficult thing for me in EDM 310 will be to stay on task. There are a million reasons in the world to procrastinate. Some easy examples for me would be I am tired from work and do not wish to do it or I am a single mom and do not have the time or even that I am taking 6 classes and am busy.  Blah, blah, blah. It is life and everyone has their issues. No matter how many reason there are to procrastinate, there is at least one good one to do it. In order to produce work worth making, you have to dedicate enough time to not rush.

5) I believe the best way for me to address my worries of procrastination is to set my planner to do specific things and them keep myself to it. No matter what excuse I can think of to just do my work later, my education is a commitment I have made (and not a cheap one at that). I should not take this commitment lightly or I will be wasting my own time and money. If I keep that in mind, it should be plenty of reason to stay on task.

6) I do not have many questions about EDM 310. The main things I still have questions for are things such as how and when will I know who is in my group and things of the sort. Most of my questions I am positive will be answered with a little bit of time, but there is always the hope that I can be the student to pester Dr. Strange by filling his inbox with e-mails.


  1. "...the few classes that I have had that actually require me to put in more effort than pure memorization and lots of bookwork." Sad but true that few is the term that must be used here.

    Six classes? Busy people know how to manage their time I find.

    Send those emails. Ask questions. Great!

    Welcome to EDM310!

  2. I agree, EDM 310 will require actual work and original thought. I'm scared about the amount of work due each week and my poor time management skills. The most important thing to remember for this class is not to procrastinate. I think if we go into this class with a positive attitude that it will make the experience ten times better.