Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Practice Blog Post

  •  Intro
  • Where I have lived
    • Time spent in Europe
  • What I like to do
  •  Free classes in high school
    • Later scholarship
    • Family here
  •  Job
  • Family
    • Parents
    • Siblings
    • Kids
  • Why interest in teaching
    • Interest in kids
    • Mrs. Dempsey
  • What teacher does
    • Rounding
    • Developing
    • Preparing 
  • What I do best
    • Not skilled
      • Past things done
    • Like to dabble in a little bit of everything
    • What I want to get better with
  • Interesting things about me

 Hello all! My name is Katie Jester. I have not lived in very many places. In my entire life I have only lived at two different residencies, both of which were in Mobile. I have; however, spent a good bit of time in Europe. When I was younger my mom would take my sisters and myself to Belgium for the summer and from there we would travel for weekend trips to other countries. I love to do very home-body type things. When I have free time, I love to read, craft, and play in the yard with my dog and son.

There was never much doubt in what college I would end up at. I had always had the idea that I was going to South. I did get a great opportunity from the school during my Senior year of high school, though. Due to my ACT score they accepted me into a program that allowed me to take free classes while I was still in high school. I also received a four year scholarship from the school, so with those two things combined along with not wanting to leave my family because of my young son, I chose to attend South. Also, like most students from Mobile, I chose South because it was here.

I work at Corpus Christi School. I am the head of the After School Care for the K3 and K4. Most of the kids I have known for about a year and have come to love them all dearly and I have close relationships with their families.

I myself have a huge family. There is just one problem with seeing them....I like to call it the Atlantic Ocean. I am only related to eleven people in the United States. Both of my parents are from Europe. My dad is from France and my mom is from Belgium and besides my family and my dad's siblings, the entirety of my family is still in Europe and do not speak the same language as myself. My mom is from a dutch family of craftsmen and farmers and my dad is from a European collage (from all the different countries I have family in) of gypsies.

I am the youngest of five siblings with the oldest being fourteen years older than myself. Growing up my siblings never spared the opportunity to remind me that I was the little sibling mainly by their individual forms of torture, but I always knew if someone was messing with me, I had several big sisters who would attack like a pack of wild wolves.

I am proud to say that I am the mother of an amazing little boy. His name is Nicholas and he will be three in November. I am also a soon-to-be mom of his little sister, Eliza. I would never wish the life of a single mother on anyone, but I love my boy more than I can ever explain.

I want to be a teacher because I mainly just love kids in general. I also had an awesome teacher in third grade, Mrs. Dempsey. I have never had a teacher like her before and she made an impact on my life that I want to make on some child's life one day.

A teacher in the 21st century does mainly that, teach. They are also given a bigger task. They have to round their students to be individuals who are socially acceptable and accepting of others. They also have to develop skills in the students. Skills that will one day help them in a rapidly growing world society. They also have to prepare their students for the challenges that the students might face in the future.

I have never been very good at anything skill wise, but that has never stopped me from trying. I did martial arts for 16 years starting when I was three before I ended up stopping to be a mom. I also enjoy dabbling in a little bit of everything. I have danced, played soccer and softball, cheered, and done a variety of other things. I really enjoy canoeing now. One thing I want to get better with is being social. I have horrible social skills mainly from a lack on interest. I can be plenty social if I want to, but I usually just do not have the desire.

I have had many interesting things happen to me in the past. Most of it has been my sister immediately older than me, Binky. She had done many things like electrocute me with a security system or gotten me locked in a revolving door.
My son Nicholas and myself at the color station at discover the dinosaurs

Above: My son, Nicholas, and myself at the color station at "Discover the Dinosaurs"
Below: My son, Nicholas, and myself after running the Color Run

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